Investor Readiness Session Berlin

The Place - Investor Readiness Session Berlin

The Place
Mittwoch 22.5.2019
von 13:00 bis 15:00
The Place
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Did you ever struggle talking to investors?Did you wonder what to say, or how to say it?Did you wonder when is the right time to ask for funding?
Well, you are not alone. It is perceived difficult by many startups to talk to investors. However, with the proper training, it becomes easier than you think. The Investor Readiness Session, answers all of your questions regarding how to successfully speak to investors and raise funding. It is a 2-hour workshop designed to help you prepare for investor meetings. It is led by our co-founder and CEO, Tienko Rasker.
 The workshop has proven to be very helpful to many startups. One member wrote:
'I wanted to let you know, I visit quite a few startup related Meetups every month and I have to say today I actually learned quite a bit. I think it is really great how you have such a practical approach. I was expecting a theoretical talk but what I got was a learning experience with no butterflies and rainbows but straight talk. 5/5.'
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