Learn to exercise “Professional Conflict Control”

Tuesday Coworking - Learn to exercise “Professional Conflict Control”

Tuesday Coworking
Dienstag 19.2.2019
von 18:00 bis 20:30
Tuesday Coworking
DEBerlinFeurigstraße 5110827
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Professional Conflict Control 
Are your customers, clients, colleagues or business partners taking your hostage? 
Then I will inspire you to a get new conflict control mindset by introducing “The Professional Conflict Control Model”, build on the foundation of FBI hostage negotiation techniques  – and return to your core business. 

The Professional Conflict Control Model
During the workshop I will teach you the 5 steps in the “The 5 Professional Conflict Control Steps”, an enhancement of the FBI “Behavioral Change Stairway Model” and how to apply them in your daily work with customers, clients, colleagues or business partners. 
The 5 Professional Conflict Control Steps
1. How to regain or stay in self control 
2. How to use tactical listening to create empathy 
3. How to use mirroring to gain trust
4. How to use emotional labeling to exercise influence 
5. How to  use empowering questions get the solutions. 

The workshop will take you through a combination of presentations and exercises touching on your work life experiences handling conflict. 

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Description of the Professional Conflict Control Model:
- A theoretically and theoretical based model offering a step for step tool box.
- A model that will help you get more confident and calm out of a conflict.
- Helps you to a higher level of preparation when your exercising conflict control.
- Takes the emotional aspects seriously and uses it actively.
- ¬Go with the wave of emotions don’t fight it.

Free – if you do a written testimonial when the workshop is done. Like anything else that’s free in Berlin donations are appreciated. 

There are 14 available spots,

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