Factory Berlin Görlitzer Park - 3D WEB WORKSHOP

Factory Berlin Görlitzer Park
Freitag 17.8.2018
von 16:00 bis 17:00
Factory Berlin Görlitzer Park
DEBerlinLohmühlenstraße 6512435
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3D on the Web is already happening, successfully.
You are invited to the second workshop about 3D on the Web.
We will have a closer look at already existing professional examples of 3D on the web in the fields of:
- Furniture- Architecture- Modeling- Jewelry- Cars
We will also look at some bad examples which will help you understand why the 3D Web has gained so little interest so far.
About the speaker: 
Peter Klose is looking back at a track record of more than 25 years with numerous projects in the fields of CAD and architecture, 3D games and virtual reality. He got caught by the 3D virus and started his own first startup back in 1993 with the development of a 3D free form modelling tool called NöRBS when the word startup itself not even existed. Since the opening of the Görlitzer Park campus he is a Factory member and is pleased to be able to give some of his expertise back to the community.
If you are interested please don't hesitate  joining us and bring your questions, your ideas and your laptop if you want to see the examples live and in action on your own screen.
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