Guckst du Kinoclub - Norma Rae

CRCLR - Guckst du Kinoclub - Norma Rae

Mittwoch 30.5.2018
von 20:00 bis 23:00
DEBerlinRollbergstraße 2612053
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40 Teilnehmer
Our monthly movie nights "Guckst du" goes into the next round, organised by Tanja Bresan.
Tanja Bresan is a film enthusiast with a master degree in cultural management, lives and works in Berlin. Tanja is eager to explore and show (or program) movies that are dealing with sustainability and circular economy principles.
We show films on the topics such as environment, human interaction with nature, sustainable energies, social issues. Movies, feature or documentaries that forces us to question our actions and ruminate our place on Planet Earth.
This Guckst Du Edition will screen:

Norma Rae by Martin Ritt. 
Like a lot of her family before her, Norma Rae works at the local textile mill, where the pay is hardly commensurate with the long hours and lousy working conditions. But after hearing a rousing speech by labor activist Reuben Norma is inspired to rally her fellow workers behind the cause of unionism. Her decision rankles her family, especially her fiancé, Sonny and provokes no shortage of contempt from her employers.
Norma Rae is a 1979 American drama film, directed by Martin Ritt. The film's principal appeal, though, is not the manner in which this uphill struggle is fought and won, but in the way that Mr. Ritt, his writers and his cast reveal the natural resources of the characters — their grit, their emotional reserves and their complex feelings for one another. The politics of the film are worthy but they are never as surprising as the people, especially Norma Rae, whose personality is defined in her often comic, sometimes brutal, sometimes touching encounters with ex‐husbands, lovers, children, parents, strangers.
Norma Rae was a landmark film when it was released in 1979, and it hasn't lost any of its impact.
The story is based on Crystal Lee Sutton's life as a textile worker in Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina, where the battle for the workers' union took place against a J.P. Stevens Textiles mill. 
Her actual protest in the mill is the scene in the film where she writes the sign "UNION" and stands on her worktable until all machines are silent. 
Although Sutton was fired from her job, the mill was unionized, and she later went to work as an organizer for the textile union.
Watch the trailer here.

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About the director:

Martin Ritt (March 2, 1914 – December 8, 1990) was an American director and actor who worked in both film and theater. He was born in New York City. Maker of socially conscious films, a director admired for making films that explored moral choices and reflected concern for racially and economically oppressed people.
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